attained such severity as to incapacitate her for work or

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ation of the age and surroundings of the patient is of im-

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the throat, about orifice of Eustachian tube ; pain on

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occurred. After both these breaks the cords repeated

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perhaps more likely by the entrance of some other germ.

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Dr. Taylor, on the other hand, has very considerably

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pachymeningitis on the same side, and suppurative throm-

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argy, catalepsy, and somnambulism ; hysterical patients,

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The opposite is true of mydriatics. Sclerotomy is indi-

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penses it with a " lick and a stick." — Dr. A. R. Jenkins,

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section for this complication, up to 1880, with a maternal

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the blood-vessels could be distinctly traced near and upon

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the former can express abstract ideas and the latter only

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the 29th. The feeding and nursing of the bird devolved

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tried, and universally commended. The dura mater should

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tween the two. They sometimes came on together, and

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must still be maintained ; in the case of the knee I have

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privileged to examine the parts three months after I had

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admitted that the motive of our Association is our own

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of rabbits, the animals died with a disease very distinct

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diarrhoea, and the patient died on the twelfth day of this

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preparatory to excision, she was instantly seized with an

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a very small third flap, measuring between a third and a

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In closing I wish to merely emphasize the fact that a

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dressing to the foot and leg. The dressing fits snugly

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ties was manifested in two or three days, and gradually grew

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mous size, filling the entire vagina and even projecting

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lower extremities, due to the same cause. He says of one

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ing a charred appearance, as if dipped into some solution

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ject a very original one. Impactions which he has found

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don Dr. Peacock had been able to obtain only nine speci-

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century. It is true that human anatomy had been intro-

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strangulation from adhesions, vitelline remains, peritoneal