result of a delusion, but more often springs from an over-
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symptoms. These areas for approximately certain topo-
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with half a dozen papules upon the scalp, and these have
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F'or the eruption, mild, protective, and soothing lotions
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in the hospital. The next case I saw while an assistant
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abdominal viscera, particularly enlarged conditions of the
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wise, about one-fourth of an inch back of the anterior
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A Western Editor on Gynecologists.— The editor of
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told me, a week ago complained of a pain in his left side
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nicely," and makes a good bid, he gets the case. Here, if
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principles of treatment." Part I. is styled General Disease.
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Upon examination of the meatus, the seat of a cicatrix,
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Barbara Springs, Cal. ; Sulphur Springs, at Sharon, N.
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in living, which are always greater in large cities.
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occasionally required. Plastic exudations may also cause
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ties was manifested in two or three days, and gradually grew
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that she experiences a feeling of tightness about her
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it has been performed during the course of the last twelve
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ear by infection from contact. The possibility of infec-
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edge of pathology permits him to speak of the diseases
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if bile is present an opalescence appears proportionate to
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suddenly during the night. The speaker believed the case
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ing. In September of tlie same year, five months after
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that inhalation of air containing tubercle bacilli was not
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the washing being always done gently, until the skin is in
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the fistula continued to act. Autopsy showed a cicatri-
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restored to consciousness, the time consumed was about
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tise, and the English reader will feel grateful for having
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tioned that had been under the author's personal care, and
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first using this mechanical device. And I would here
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festation (general) will disappear. If this premise is
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