monkey-wrench, with arms jutting out from the side,
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kind. And I may as well confess that I had to pocket
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cellulitis, the persistent tamponnade and counter-irritation
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In estimating the comparative value of the different
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himself with cholera germs. For some time past he has
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cedures in the treatment of aneurisms of the aorta should
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corneal astigmatism and total astiginatism of the eye, and
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fixation of the lower dorsal and lumbar spine, while it
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cussion. Bronchial respiration was heard over the dull
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fessor Cunningham, of Dublin ; and by our own anatomist.
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children, and they do not often complain of tinnitus.
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It was to be expected that idiosyncrasy, such as consti-
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transactions which follow them to their widely scattered
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seven could have been recognized accurately enough dur-
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pared, I made an exploratory incision. The parts were
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waste time with medical measures. There are three forms
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displayed upon the mantel-piece, and to add his quota to
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a dangerous procedure as regards the life of the soft parts.
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required, are, of course, also supported by the govern-
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toms, which had been more frequently observed of late.
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of 60 pfennige (15 cents). Two hours later the same
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second month it was /j'^, the membrane having retracted
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toms. Inasmuch as it represented function rather than
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practice of surgery. I think that my success has been
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ing such cases in charge, and reflexly to the patient and
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remained passive. The " ring of contraction " corre-
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meningitis. He did not think there was an abscess present.