of its remains. Ten months after the operation not the
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He had watched carefully several litters of guinea-pigs
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tinctly understood that the disease, whether mild or severe,
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gogue cathartic. He cited several cases where he had
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that the urine secreted during the night differs from that
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The microscopical examination of the placenta and of
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delivered deluge of the firemen. In medicine we have no
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cramps of the muscles of the lower extremities frequently
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the head of the patient is over the pillow on which it is
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1. Cases where the obstruction was due to temporary
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require four parts of water to bring it to the standard of
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some infusoria, and a multitude of bacteria, including a
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thinks that the atrophy of the quadriceps, due to the
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In examining the subject of deaf-mutism, we may di-
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exceptional cases. These he classified as follows : i.
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in the vault, as already suspected. The finger-tip now
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bate men from the tender care of landladies and char-
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the case of Dr. James Ridley, late medical officer of Tul-
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for a few seconds on an arc light of intense brilliancy, he
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and there frequently remains, in different parts of the sub-
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to be overcome, and, at the same time, its relations to ihe vari-
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Treatment of Acute Purulent Osteomyehtis at the Epi-
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As a substitute, I would not insist upon the quaint head-
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thirty days, the wound and the hooks together being en-
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in accord with the authorities last quoted, and must have
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the cystoscope recjuired educated skill. He related a
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other affections, was not benefited by pilocarpine. The
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does he fully appreciate the difficulties to be encountered
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there were adhesions in the canal, causing it to break
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forced, if we understand the description correctly, but is
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iams, of Greene, Chenango County. N. Y., vmtes : " While