which, not having been controlled in their primar)- stage,
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thousand galvanic applications, the innocuousness of my
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to be presented. The membership is, as it were, a float-
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and even peritonitis. Ovarian displacements, the bearing
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support. At first the drain sometimes causes discomfort ;
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tions involved in the dispute. Before any definite deci-
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tration of this fact. This localization is favored by cer-
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a greater degree of accuracy in bringing and holding the
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starts from the apex and diffuses over the left and lower
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temperature, but that they did not become affected with
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medicine will be specialized and the family doctor be left
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Even should electricity prove to do all that is claimed
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he sometimes also feels the reproving hand of his pater-
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plan of treatment ; but such relief afforded by drugs
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while yet students and strove to adapt their whole course
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was not sore, but little attention was paid to it. Months
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whole was replaced by a frightful chasm, whose dimensions,
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iodide of potassium, especially when given in beer or
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the latter, the relief afforded by this procedure was of
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very slowly and imperfectly, remaining for some time a.s
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cult to say where the general intelligence lay in the cere-
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This basin is about one hundred and thirty miles in
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conclusions, but the cause must be looked for in the
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they are easily discouraged by slight difficulties. He even
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that, given a case of more or less continued fever in this
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loss of blood, though the general infection be such as to
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have recently tried to show (^British Medical Journal, May
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duce a ver)' susceptible discharge, which was undoubtedly
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wool wadding. Careful antiseptic precautions were ob-
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surgical aid could be obtained at the public expense, and
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instrument and tubing into the vessel, and upon the flow
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defective mothers reaches the enormous per qent. of forty
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a little larger than that to be enclosed in the plaster band-
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there was one woman studying medicine in Switzerland, and
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variety known here as " buckshot." It is low, and when
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patient was a man aged thirty-nine, under the care of Dr.
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and originated in a fund left for that purpose by the late