were considered as against morality. Nevertheless post-
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near nervous phenomena, and that occasionally, by cur-
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surface of the body. If we might believe certain English
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little use in ordinary medical teaching as given in this
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had been followed up for fifty years. It was of the most
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union between medical school and university, so that the
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subjective knowledge of them — an analysis full of interest,
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temporal portion. The patient refused to undergo ngor-
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inflammation, the patient would suddenly exclaim thai he
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by the various forms of pressure is limited. Hence it is
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was 47.25 D, the weakest 39 D. The corneal refraction
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i.e., as much as a drachm when necessary. The subcu-
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There had been falling of the hair from the whole body.
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were treated in a similar manner, one of whom got well,
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of the body, etc., it is very liable to become inflamed.
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slight anomaly having been observed in thirty-seven.
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abscess pointed on the back of the foot between the first
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to close up official out-door relief, check private, indis-
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acting in much the same way. Hypertrophied tissue press-
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malarial fever — states that articular symptoms, varying
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was to remove the tube or tubes whence, in the vast ma-
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cal punctures, we have both a local chemical action and
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the result — a fine building and a party of lunatics who
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vice, decided that the blue lines are bad for the eyes, and
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lus, is, nevertheless, capable of reproducing itself by inoc-
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country, except in persons coming from hot climates, and suffering
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He says " hot weather is not necessary for the epidemic
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tion of the membrane being considerable. This patient
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but on standing erect, facing directly forward, it would
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wa* soon relieved, however, by the application of iced
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matic attendance at wards was being insisted upon. He
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mercury, and sevent)^-seven, or fourteen per cent., became
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cold sensations, horripilation, and cyanosis in the extrem-
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The meeting of the Society was called to order at noon by
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much, had proved useless, exerting but a slight influ-
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pyogenes aureus and Fehleisen's Empipelas streptococcus.