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The treatment was given on September 4th, nth, i8th,
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the President, introduced Dr. G. H. Oliver, delegate from
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wa* soon relieved, however, by the application of iced
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The paralysis did not usually begin until the period of
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she had another chill, a cold sweat, much vomiting, and
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rence of an accumulation of adipose tissue under the ab
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tomy, performed for acute intestinal ob^uction, were as
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Indians is high and is increasing, which may be account-
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The wound was completely healed in fourteen days. —
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country, and the influence of an awakened professional
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for the consequences of an alimentation in which would
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and I am unable to see that his arguments prove an)'thing
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condition of the endothelium, so far as I know, has not
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all lepers are sent as soon as their disease is recognized.
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• Mechanical Treatment of Synovitis of the Knee-joint,' New York
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human undertakings. The future may enlighten us about
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kind of activity, consequently there are no changes, ex-
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Sir : Noticing the article, " To Facilitate Catheterization
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alone, we are really in no better position to treat fever
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times quinine, we have presumptive evidence that the
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his bed with a slight fever. During the following week
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and American authorities, affections of the teeth should
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nod, and the exacerbation of her symptoms, usual at this
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supply. Thus, other things being equal, while a negative
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It has also caused us to send over three and one half
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your own columns to the phrase " 'Pait's operation." I
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pneumotomy was had recourse to — in seven with success
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by another.' In a recent paper,' however, we find an
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cases. Articular neuroses often looked like true inflam-
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thousand inhabitants the fees are one hundred and fifty
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