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side of his chest, which greatly annoyed him, lest it were due to some
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practice, I make my tampons of wool and cotton, but I
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apparently was pointed to. There might be general loss
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the insides of both thighs, and therewith came a thick
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temperature. On the ninth day, the septicsemia having
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a true case of Duhring's dermatitis herpetiformis ; but
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apply to the preserved or canned condensed milk, which
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three. He advocated the subcutaneous method as being
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Royal College of Surgeons, of St. Thomas', Guy's, St.
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the West Virginia springs correspond pretty closely to the
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of deaths." ' Everyone knows that pneumonia is a very
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more fragments of clot were removed by the sinus forceps,
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until, as Tait very aptly expresses it, it runs out. A
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last few hours of Hfe, or even after death. In the pia
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in a state of fusion or solution. Decomposition occurs
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was possibly, as suggested by Beekman, the custom of
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some deaths attributed to cancer were due to sarcoma.
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knee ; and to immobilize the knee, it is necessary to immobilize the
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the question for the neurologist to decide is not only as
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John W. Williams, Surgeon, will accompany the troops
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search for any abrasion. If any lesion or pathological
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acute fever \vith chills. From the first to the last she
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could not be told by the position and character of the
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slight contraction of non-venereal origin is associated
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obtained by Dr. Bleyer. The report of these cases was
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palm groves, and here also the apricot, the olive, the pomegranate,
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healthy children. He was in a deplorable state, with four
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Morrow, of New York ; Secretary and Treasurer, Dr. G.
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realized her mistake. On the following day she said " All
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indicated by the names given to the respective varieties of
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tomy she stated that she " was quite well, and could eat
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the amount of its saline constituents. A rise in arterial