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Sir : I had not intended to pay any attention to Dr.

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trated or diffuse, around which, as a rule, there is a zone of

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primary and secondary ulcers. 4. In acute and subacute

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complained of were some pruritus, headache, nausea,

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tion. This paper was one of several given before the health

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of instruments from becoming dim while being used to

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it could be dried sufficiently to begin the e.xperiment.

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There should be Imt little difficulty of detecting disease

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from the pia or from the brain-substance is usually readily

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is allowed that the uterus need not be in exactly the same

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origin of accumulations, we may expect occasionally to

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lire child should be kept absolutely at rest in bed." — Herbert W. Page

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markedly deflected, or there may be a bony ridge or sharp

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ous states of the nervous system to remain constant ; and yet, with a

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She thinks the uterine supporter, which she wears con-

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Indians. This is an interesting tribe. Dr. Stephen Bow-

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at Washington I had the honor of reading a paper en-

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that " not nearly so many persons would die if they would

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tion in the joint can be removed by aspiration. The

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before looking at the tongue, or narrowly at any other

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This is the report as given in the Deutsche Medicinal Zei-

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but after they had left the stomach — that is, in the

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rotomy, median incision above the umbilicus ; no cause

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removal of the ovaries must still be considered as sufi

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of confirming in the most satisfactory manner the results

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where more or less reflex irritation from decayed teeth, and

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internally, were prescribed, which always gave great re-

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did not lessen with the beginning of the second half of the

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