Surgeon, October 16, 1888 ; Captain George McCreery,
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he had a slight attack of gonorrhcea, lasting three weeks.
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ment in vision ; three were failures. There was no loss
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permanganate of potassium in the treatment of burns and
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alone, for the metabolic activity would have to be many
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difficulty in making the solution act as a helper, and it
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Nausea and vomiting, which had hitherto been constantly
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four hundred and ninet)' surgical operations were per-
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through without any pain. Hemorrhage was inconsider-
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tjTnpanum, which is followed by inflammation of the
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At the present day there is no physiological ground for
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often of rachitic origin, and do what one would to de-
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she became nervous and hysterical. Frequently, at the
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dience to a more accurate knowledge of the brain and its
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Dr. Joseph Taber Johnson, of Washington; Treasurer,
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to the mid-sternal region, just above nipple, 14 inches ; on
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there is no resistance whatever. Feeding with tubercular
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exactly, had been sent recently to the pathological labora-
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internal capsule, peduncle, or pons Varolii of the right
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layers of sand, clay, sand, tough blue clay, clay, coarse
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the gentleman returned complaining of the same symp-
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composition, act from without inward at the point of
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cerebrum. Sometimes, when there is uncertainty as to
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miles east of Indio that is now flowing one thousand gal-
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ley said that when the nerve was directly stimulated a
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false, between the charlatan and the honest, conscientious
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insects. As a control experiment he examined the intes-
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gall-stones by opium, possibly with the aid of laxatives
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grammes. It is highly digestible." There is probably not
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