Sir : I have read Dr. Josephi's note on his method of
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Packard (.\rticle on •• Injuries of the Bones," " Internation-
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at least one more phalanx than those commonly owned
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mencement of the operation ; 3. As soon as the pupil be-
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he proceeded with air, in order to avoid the dilatation of
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return for treatment. I expected then to be able to get a
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ure has disappeared, and is replaced by a loose alveolar
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attention and the criticism of the members of the medical
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finally convinced, from his observations, that tumors, in the
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this, the account of these cases would not have been
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and becomes thin and reduced in consequence, the disease
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to be strongly in favor of surgery, viz., Keith and Mar-
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the Connecticut State Board of Health gave statistics of
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phthisis, as many as five were given per diem for tliree
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and when he sent her to me she had nothing left to pay
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many of those infective inflammations of the Fallopian
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attention was paid to the pulse, skin, secretions, etc., and
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could be felt in the left foot, but on the right side
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legs came on, the animal remaining in a sitting posture
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cutting from without. A long straight incision is made,
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upon a proper supply of reconstructives ; but in what
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In the ordinary cases of chronic suppurative otitis
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ulants for this purpose is necessarily temporary and de-
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spread into Italy, where, at Leghorn, 150 died daily for
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the eye. ... I was led to contrive some plan by which extension
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be considered as playing an important part in causing
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with regard to the influence of the Florida climate upon
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6. Plaster-dressings applied with the foot in the position
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already was improvement. In ten days V = j^ ; emmetropic.
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tube was removed and the opening allowed to close, but