In the second case, which was seen first on the twelfth
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are possible predisposing causes. It occurs at all ages,
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The more recent experience of Dr. Giflord,' establish-
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the membrana tympani, this fluid is diminished by exos-
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should be reserved for cases in which the placenta did not
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the judgment of the lay world, so far as medical problems
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3. A lesion, or pathological change, at seat of trouble.
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died within five days from traumatic gangrene following
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Sig//t. — There has been no trouble referable to the eyes
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ity of the right brow a swelling which imparted a distinct
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my visit. The foot was still swollen and tender and the
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The conclusions of the author are, therefore, briefly, as
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even when a fatal result was not averted. He said that
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apices of the lungs and hence, under these circumstances,
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of bile-acids in the urine, would be nil, as in such a case
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bumen in the urine if renal elimination be imperfect.
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including Garrigue's pad, septic disease was unknown.
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The paper of Dr. Cheever was followed by a discussion
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health at or above par. Believing, as I do, in the tuber-
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would not be less confusing than to employ descriptive
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The treatment was given on September 4th, nth, i8th,
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strongly contracted muscle, a musical note of a pitch cor-
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parently moribund. He was as hot and dr)' as a cinder ;
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delphia County Medical Society, etc. Philadelphia :
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the operation. The facial growth was again about the
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then the other. Either faihng to keep step, or because
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tered into this discussion, I feel that I must still maintain
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plicated pregnancy or labor in which laparotomy was not
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of injection. — Przcgiad Lekarski. Nos. 20, 21, 1888.
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the tissues, as a more rehable and, withal, a more conven-
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concerned in perception. It follows that these memories
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peritoneum and cellular tissue of the iliac fossa, consti-
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have given us some truer notions of what they are. The