of these cases, as drainage may take place anteriorly or
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lies particularly within the range of throat diseases, as
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nausea present. He believed that there was a disloca-
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patient leads a miserable life of pain and nervous exhaust-
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Dr. Sweetland, of Ottawa, seconded, the following reso-
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over any obstacles, especially about the internal orifice.
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perform the duties required of them, commanding officers
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Batz, and among the Jews and Quakers. The facts de-
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in these cases is commonly preserved, for the man could
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A cold abscess formed in the pulp of the thumb, which
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instance, he said he had a " man " in the side of his head
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spinal cord. He could find no proof that muscle-tonus
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months its use was more doubtful, because it would be bet-
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idea of a pen as an object used for writing. And this
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The case occurred, November 13, 1821, at Rome, N. Y.,
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for. Out of these 1,692 persons, Mr. McCulloch said he
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from dift'erent institutions in New York City. These
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and it is well, therefore, to avoid all excess in this direc-
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together with contracted meatus. He was entirely re-
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eral practitioner for whom th'ey are more particularly in-
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uterus. To the latter he devoted his particular atten-
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to do good in chylous ascites, especially when caused by
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have appeared at various times in the medical press, there
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in living, which are always greater in large cities.
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Robin form of typhoid fever.^ In these cases renal s)Tnp-
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Southern Pacific Railroad would travel the one hundred
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ple formula : c. ctm. of urine used : grams, of sugar
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stant one, the daily amount of urea being to the daily
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found to be in the same excellent position, the injured
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spinal. Murchison * reports a case of a man, aged forty,
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operations would, in all probability have succeeded in
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matter. We do not hesitate, however, to claim that this
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ten years ago he read a paper before this Society and ad-
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Dr. T. F. Rumbold, of St. Louis, Mo., read a paper on
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temperature of the joint. This they accepted as being