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Quebec was visited by the fever for the first and last time.
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Tympanites and T-vmpanitis. — The indiscriminate use
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" Prairie Itch " to " Teplitz-Schonau," and fully sustains
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trial. Green hands can do much better work with it than
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States Navy for the week ending September 15, 1888.
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This milk, obtained from a large number of cows, presents
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ture to which beef was ordinarily exposed in the process
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Dr. Beard. Neurasthenia, as the term implied, was sim-
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Dr. Martin expressed a doubt as to the effect which
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iodides, often produces marked results." The Ballston
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Local Anaesthetics.— At a meeting of the Societe de
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spherical, and yet its use be unsatisfactory. It has been
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esty forbade them taking the exercise in classes usually
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of the mind. Part III. is Implications, and is a practical