1. Ever)- ambulance should carrj' ice, a sprinkler, and
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of an acute attack of indigestion. On first seeing the
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M.S., Instructor in Hygiene and Physiological Chem-
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other infective processes ; but, as a rule, it is not found
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lution containing fine silk-thread wound on glass spools,
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broadcast pamphlets entitled £>i> J'itam. A large apart-
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July, 1888) would seem to show that the assumed poi-
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Nervous diseases. — It is here that carbonated waters
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teaching the same. Preventive medicine has occujiied a
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which its principal advocate has had to perform excision
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Men grow old, weary, and worn, and we must look to the
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sitions given in standard works are of German origin, and
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the hope that they would aid the expulsion of the fluid
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Case XXV. Nicaise : Kull. Soc. Chir. de Paris, 1880, N. S.. vi., 582.
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to be called habitual drunkards, yet acknowledged them-
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erator. Iodine to the vaginal vault, the glycerine tampon —
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per, Chairman of the Executive Committee, who spoke
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covered the microbe of yellow fever, cultivated and at- I
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toms referal)le to these organs have almost disappeared.
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4th Brigade; Major Charles G. Stockton, Surgeon 74th
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terior operation, because of the greater freedom for ac-
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ment is inefficient and harmful ; (4) local treatment of
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stumps, etc. ; injuries and diseases of the eye, ear, and
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by Dr. S. H. Weeks, within the past few months, but too
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nor has the disease reappeared upon him. The mother
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a definite localized lesion, yet the autopsy revealed an
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in the intervals of the attacks is of rare occurrence. In
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position which electricity shall occupy in gynecologv', the
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close that a differentiation between them by the symptoms
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remove all the disease. These cases were the basis of
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dyspepsia. In the case of recent ulcer great loss of flesh
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March 25th. — Able to feed herself and is trying to knit.
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the art. New England ought to be able to furnish some