signs of the renal affection disappeared. From this he
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body than does the civilized denizen of New York or Phil-
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tled themselves finally in the position that diseases having
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down," " Put on your glasses," he remained wholly indif-
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elements themselves, unless, indeed, some of these agents
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Since then I have had fifty-nine cases of true croupous
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over any obstacles, especially about the internal orifice.
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living, too, for a long time side by side with the ordinary
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throat, and lastly, considerable pain on deglutition, speak-
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appears to proceed from right to left, as the patients com-
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in a man fifty-three years of age. The man had always
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Coupland communicated a case of subphrenic abscess.
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from one topic to another confused him. He would go
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it was suggested that in this case the right kidney had in
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The 'construction of the Pasteur Institute is far ad-
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Electrical Sunstroke. — A number of cases are now
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lesion of the kidneys, but of having retinitis, pleurisy,
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great regret that I felt obliged to discontinue the use of
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mented by a special tonic to confirm the cure and prevent
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general practitioners in this country continue to dispense
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eyes are heavy, objects look confused, the lids are falling,
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Irrigation of the lower bowel is practised two or three
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suffering. Yet, in some degree, in some persons the sub-
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virtue of its own power of using the nutritive materials
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cases. Formerly, ships on arriving in port discharged
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however, it is thought, know the scientific basis of their
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generally higher at nine than at five o'clock. Moreover,
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but broken-down cells and tissues floating in a variable