the danger was sufficiently real to demand radical measures

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of the tvi^o diseases is also shown by the fact that antipy-

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settlement. Through the courtesy of Drs. Sawyer and

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non-malignant growths so many transitional forms exist

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in a child whose mother exhibited a congenital coioboma

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ated on should be placed in an inclined position, the

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media purulenta, though it is usually scant and very thick.

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He attributed the suppuration to the use of the aspirator

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were in use before the operation was fairly begun. Then

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fundamental condition certain alterations in the albumi-

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and she was fierce in her denunciation of the treatment

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discussing the subject of naupathia, and filled with the

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perature, to or below the normal, hinders or chec'cs the

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in diagnosis implies also, in many cases, injudicious, per-

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myopes and high in hypermetropes. The former have a

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lay writers. The study of temperaments has been left

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public as we may as to the necessity of being treated early,

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fore, and was transplanted to the boy's feet. Cicatriza-

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required, are, of course, also supported by the govern-

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ence in Perforating Typhoid Ulcer," by Dr. J. Ewing

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tary science was discovered, he would have been found

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folds. The condition of the palpebral conjunctiva was

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be recognized. — British Medical Journal, June 30, 1888.

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Dr. Walker saw him on the following day and found a

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observation reaching twenty-five per cent, by bulk, moist.

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between the bladder and the vagina and the formation of

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formed, and if necessary this can be done without an