paralysis was as rare in this country as in England.

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hospital, deserves some mention, as it is held to have in

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two interesting points, the effect of isolation and the very

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passage of the foetus through the pehis and cause foetal

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was treated ineffectually for a " sore throat " and a

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considered to be of a congestive nature. The headaches

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the pain caused by the passage of the catheter. In this

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breathing apparatus is only partially performing its

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dose of calomel, the above was regarded as constitutional

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that some six or twelve months ago there was some stiff-

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for at no time had the percentage of urine fallen below

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rectum, which have such symptoms as have been narrated

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found by Dr. Sewall strongly suggested that the action

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on account of the redundancy of tissue in the vaginal

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or three lower animals (rabbits, for instance), may be

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borrow, $1, is trifling in itself, but whoever lends it will

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was at least six hours. It was, therefore, useless to ex-

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patient was a man aged thirty-nine, under the care of Dr.

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the cavity, its expulsion being prevented, perhaps, by a

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sults. He also recommends some of the Saratoga springs

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thirtieth day. After an interval of thirteen days her cough

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graduates of each college, the jiercentage would be lower.

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very small instrument, and exceptionally, as in the case of

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was 47.25 D, the weakest 39 D. The corneal refraction

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case of acute intestinal obstruction die \vithout at least

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that a crime committed while under the influence of alco-

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situation the transversely elongated nuclei of the muscular

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preciate, and does not interfere with the benefit to be de-

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Neither do the age limits usually set always hold. In

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liver, kidneys, ovaries, brain, etc., which were formerly

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the whole country suffers more on account of quarantine

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As a uterine support, its mode of action is similar to that

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careful examinations failed to reveal the presence of the

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microscopical examination, but there was a large amount

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well as that of the professional, jury has been in absolute