it, and the small discission needle was plunged through
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upon the nervous system, electricity applied to the dia-
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the conjunctiva, especially the ocular, become engorged.
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esting to know in what way, if any, it is associated with
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yet found available with this instrument is that of meas-
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the medical mind, a stricture in that urethra (a not
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be seen on the smaller vessels. These may be so minute
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tampon for any given case is to be decided, of course, at
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same pathological anatomy in both cases; but ir^ the child
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a half after medical aid was first summoned. Post-mortem
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dering him unconscious for twenty-four hours. After the
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matter. This in turn decomposes, keeps up the disease,
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a half inch in thickness, the central portion of which had
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The second danger, that of acute brain oedema, may be
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It is, however, mostly found in the acute form. It is
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should not be operated on. In infants, only strangulated,
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her recovery was slow and uneventful, convalescence be-
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Occasionally .severe dyspncea would occur from the plug-
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ter Place ; Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Drummond, 3631 Delmar
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sufficient, and removal of the cervix is necessary, after
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the judgment of the lay world, so far as medical problems
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have never been able to detect any increase of tension
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beds, must be nearly aseptic. There are extensive mills
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conclusions were as follows : i. It is physiologically
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day, by the almost e.Kclusi\e attention paid to the operati\e
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is that of protection to the tympanic cavity from the
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at the umbilicus without relief. On the twelfth day, lapa-
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narrated, in which freedom from cancer continued many
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M. TscHERiNiNG, of Copenhagen, related several cases
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not glasses were required. He thought from the effect of
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Ky. This gentleman, after being happily introduced by
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provides punishment for any person trespassing upon any
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the permanganate should be continued for at least three
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and a further consideration would be but a repetition of
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