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died in collapse a few hours later. The operation was
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The putting of a crooked leg into a straight splint was
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stomach, he experienced only a slight sense of discomfort;
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and in the Colonies, the move toward this object has been
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duce toxic effects ; these consisted in the appearance of
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Bouley, animals which were fed with tannin did not putre-
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not even retain liquids on the stomach. The uterus and
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Surgeon. Reappointed July 28, 1888, to rank from July
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genital organs, excitement either physiological showing
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duce it, it did reappear ; but the albumin was always found
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relieved, as it was only a plain uncomplicated case of
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food, but usually is greater than that generated upon a
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no lesion of the brain would destroy the idea of a bell
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male which they could not understand as hysterical.
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sounds were normal. It was a curious fact that the pul-
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days and the bladder irrigated. The rectum was distended
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in getting at the parts. Now the recognition of a dis-
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was hoarse, which led to an examination of his mouth
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outer ends together separates the inner blades between
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Two of the recent cases of brain operation, reported by
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certainly agreed with the gentlemen who had taken part
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is best done by simply breathing rightly, taking in as full
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cheap undertaking ; but now it appears that custom duties
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of reaching certain conclusions, and rejected some of the
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He used the term forced respiration in contradistinc-