at Johns Hopkins Univ'ersity, has been appointed to the
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probable that the lesion is embolic in origin. Vision and
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from its origin became narrowed, and for the rest of its
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to such extension, writes : " It is remarkable, however,
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temperature is the priniarj- source of danger in fe\-er — the
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seat of the disease. K good-sized porcelain bowl is
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he directed attention in a paper read before the State So-
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kidney, communicating with the intestine, existed. No
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portal vein and hepatic artery. The change was rather a
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tificates of proprietary and secret remedies. An item in
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the Academie de Medecine, in which he stated that he
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the lesser of two evils. Extensive suppurative inflamma-
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We believe that irreducible though unstrangulated her-
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source of most of these troubles ; whereas, undoubtedly,
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and the failure to punish, is an encouragement for further
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each eye, followed by lesions upon the face, the size of a
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iliac fossa and the right flank were markedly tender. 'I"he
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is the seat of disease, and it is difficult to reach it with
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vermin ? At six o'clock the night nurse, leaving the ward,
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dants who were strong and healthy, and were above thirty
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of practice behind which he soon intrenches himself, and
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ovaries were found to be normal, while the tumor was a
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larged, in doing which the large posterior branch of the
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recently under his care in which the presence of calculi
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the bladder with some bland fluid as a preparation. The
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ends with catgut. In one case the power of motion in
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rations. That is a good thing. But I would say to the
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the patient, and perhaps an injection of sublimate so-
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are held by many good observers to be only ordinary
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the summer months — he stop at Indio, and from there
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mistake, for more than one wTiter on the continent had
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stantly, when properly adjusted, prevents the convulsions,
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otitis, blepharitis, ozasna, corjza, and amygdalitis from the
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occurred. After both these breaks the cords repeated
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and preparation for the ensuing Congress, including the
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was observed with a mixture of atropine and quinine, or