remarkable curative power in cataract. Dr. Mercer was

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are, for this reason, specially liable to contract it. In his

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pine forests in the San Jacinto mountains, from six thou-

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nite direction, as also her surroundings, and that the pri-

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2. Increase in the blood-pressure alone is incapable of

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steadier forces to accomplish the needed extension. The

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persistent high climatic temperature and cholera infantum,

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Our choice for this purpose usually lies between a solu-

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form first described by Hebra. The disease has only one

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turning outward of the feet, throwing the strain on the

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tissue upon the left collar bone, angiomata cavernosa in

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glaucoma (enlarged anterior chamber) they are injurious.

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lesions of the mucous membrane, the dosage of elec-

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lignant vapor becomes more contagious and powerful in

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was no doubt regarding the diagnosis, and the death-rate

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105° F., and afterward his condition was one which caused

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that the patient had nothing to do with the matter. ' We

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strument, and that it will be so judged by all who give it a

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This latter idea has always been kept alive by the univer-

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The patient was a boy, aged fourteen, who was suffering

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peritoneum about the internal ring, and closes the ring

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electricity, and where afterward the disease was tounc^ to

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well recognized that it has come to be called the ' ,m-

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sents systematically the results of the labors of chemists

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that all the various speech-areas are supplied with blood

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nature of the ulcerations may be shown by the melansemia

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tion, some tubercles containing Koch's bacillus will usu-

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from great sorrows and anxious worry of a few months.

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spasm ; these \iews were hence, in part, the antithesis of

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copious evacuations. On the fourth she had another'

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balanced life, and there are objects in every large museum

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