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ogy and Director of the Royal University Clinic for
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I do not think Dr. Allen is at all conversant with the
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the " Randstellung"of the Germans, and as similar ones not
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known, hydrogen gas, which is harmless, readily obtained,
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affected. Both Professor Boeck and Professor Hutchin-
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load, as in the previous case. It is to be again noted
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the fistula continued to act. Autopsy showed a cicatri-
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Two to four glasses should be taken before breakfast ;
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disease has yielded to the carbolized oil and oakum
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continued, may lead to serious alterations in the nutrition
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in preventing leakage of the stomach-contents. This was
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cannot do this. In some cases the abscess is so small, and
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growths and their nature, calculi, etc. In kidney disease,
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flowers, or perfumes, as before the illness began. The
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in, and that your pupils, like mine, can write dictated
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them was much mutilated, being not only disembowelled
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Bartlett on his proposed method of supplying the city
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such affections as Pott's disease, hip disease, and white
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in a moment, looked over the register, turned around and
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mencement of the operation ; 3. As soon as the pupil be-
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