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be any danger of its spreading beyond its present limits.
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read a paper, in which he described a new operation for
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cer or extreme stenosis of the pylorus to such a formidable
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upward, pushing the liver obliquely, so that the left lobe
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at the level of the external ring, and ligatures it after
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pain, oppression, and increased rapidity of the heart's
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arotomy has been advised by high authority, and in such
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integrity and comfort of the skin, the apparatus has
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The cryplococcus xanthogenictis, as described in this
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The medical case of the late Emperor Frederick con-
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disease than it at present did from the study of the dis-
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not to a direct influence of the irritation upon the motor
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mineral elements was also shown by the examination of
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acquire refined habits, and rirc' versa. There is, of course,
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by Koch's discovery. He then outlined the work to be
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direct contagion from man to man, the infection can
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the bowels. Pulse, 98 ; temperature normal. Abdomi-
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cause is within the life of the individual, is a part of it,
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barometer, wth the air surcharged with moisture — a con-
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practice. This verdict was taken up by the Society of
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no tumor is found, the operation causes disappearance
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only one was due to surf-bathing, in which instance the
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show the normal temperature of the horse to be 99.2° to
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Dr. W. T. Lusk discussed the treatment. The history
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Evidently the city having the most valuable aggregate
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of the tenement-houses could not get water under pressure
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chronic urethritis are treated by him by means of a mod-
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meeting a success, promoting thereby, as it were secon-
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Various conditions of the body have an influence on the