layers of tissues, instead of being restricted to the surface.
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the principles and demonstrate the practice of clinical
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present time : Urst, that of opening the abdomen, dis-
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after the second operation, when there followed a period
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have been resorted to to overcome this difficulty. Mac-
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will first give indications of its activity by the pain it
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operation in ordinary cases of small stone in boys, in the
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demonstrated by anyone who cares to make the experi-
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ports the case of a woman, aged thirty, who was wholly
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He recognized three forms of the affection : i. Fibro-
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venience or alarm, and on others whose hysterical tem-
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diagnosis had been made by the dress-maker, it might
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ergot, or leave this agent to the g>necologist ? lor it
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in the past, it will do an immense service to medical edu-
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thirteen years of age when she gave birth to the future
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salt was given in divided doses, caused a rise of tempera-
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mountain-chains of our own coast. Reports from resident
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-American spring highly praised in scrofulous dermatoses
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have met with, and will perhaps be adopted. It gives us
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to two points as rather indicative of abscess of the lung :
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Drs. McKenzie, of Baltimore ; Daly, of Pittsburg ; Rae,
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13th. The mother did well, having no febrile disturbance.
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so it is my custom to first unload it with a cholagogue
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we are told, as though it were something surprising, " pos-
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filaments to the biceps and brachialis anticus, and uniting
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preciate, and does not interfere with the benefit to be de-
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objects shown to him readily. He therefore had partial
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the patient fixing his attention upon desired movements,
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boiling milk, even though previously inspected. True tu-
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to force and even break the bone away from its position."
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pulse reduced to 96, and respirations to 38. The next
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present serving as a valve. He thought the condition of