Committee is also charged with the duty of devising and

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These are word-deafness, word-blindness, agraphia and

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hemorrhage into the contents of the dilated ureter. This

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keeping curious objects in temples ; but we have no

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nials, is, from want of means, prevented from obtaining a

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is proof of its former life. The excellence of Lord By-

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parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land

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read a letter from Dr. E. R. Squibb, of Brookl\Ti, in

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omy, which he had employed more particularly in rectal

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fects of the injection of an ethereal solution of iodoform

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stitutional; but Mr. Purrington says such legislation is

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Also, as compared with the first quarter of this year, an

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It was found, when the cells were compared, that those

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ing ejected, some pieces being figured. On examining

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demanding the application of several napkins daily, and

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graceful compliment to American hospitality, which in

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1879), Dr. Miller points out the necessity of having tables

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excretion of nitrogeneous matter was arrived at by deter-

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heart. Again, in arteries where the intima ordinarily con-

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of the same, and of microscopical drawings of the patho-

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poses to add to it a medical department during the com-

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a distinct history of vital depression could not be elicited

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diabolical plots as serve to unsettle the peace of a nation.

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cine ; in theory it is rational, in practice it fully proves its

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Guinea-pigs, he said, are particularly liable to acquire

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by the fact that it did not take up Ehrlich's stain.

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ing positions : One Attending Physician to the Department

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of Mr. Edison will be of practical value in medical work.