must reach the pus, whether il be extra- or intra-peri-

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Dr. Giuseppe Alessi was led, from a consideration of

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such a case it will be necessaiy to examine the sediment,

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teach as to the best system of medical education ? "

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bacillus is far from being a fact. They inoculated several

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dural, cortical, and intra-cerebral were most amenable to

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death list in Philadelphia from yellow fever reached 1,000,

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napkins to catch it. The alum acts in its well-known way

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symptoms seemed to point unmistakably to typhoid fever.

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over, could remember that a day or two pre^ous to the

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with permission to apply to the proper authority for an

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sy revealed typical typhoid ulcers in the lower part of the

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of the bladder vvithout entering the cavity of the abdomen.

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mihtary medical service, and this for reasons which will

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which the disease is diffuse and is situated on both sides.

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surgical purposes, by the study of the jiositive s)-mptoms,

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be sure ; and when the largest books are considered it will

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nize the precise nature of what was to be dealt with. He

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be no doubt, its requirements in this respect being quite

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those actually suffering — with phthisis, we should in the

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after taking powder. Has gone South, with instructions

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ity toward its own preservation ; another as formative,

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evil. A more demonstrable cause of diminishing fertility

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pyogenes aureus et albus. The differences in these dis-

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fluence the progress of tuberculosis. We do not believe

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tus was divided, together with the other strictures, with

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Here again it was shown with greater exactness that,

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would seem to show that the child had been the victim

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further improvement in the vision, though the case was