In the latter case it is, as a rule, due to a constant
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cases Dr. Kleinwachter noted ninety where the patients
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Bennett and Gould, and by Macewen, were cited as pos-
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throtomy. No one values it more than he, and the risks
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There was a prevalent error that phthisical cases ought
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hereditary syphilis. In such cases tubercular eruptions or
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geon in Deccan, asserts that quinine in three- to five-grain
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of the patient the same as when first seen — he having
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Says Landolt (p. 310, " Refraction and Accommodation of
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some form of aphasia. Hence all cases of aphasia should
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Beach, Santa Barbara, or San Diego, directly on the coast,
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their confirmation by various observers in different parts
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for which this essential to gynecology is used. In the
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had also learned from a medical officer at Bombay that
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digitalis group, and serpent venom, in small doses are
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about a joint as light is essential to retaining a healthy condition of
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ments and tests made upon himself for a charge of six
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presented itself like a pulsating tumor. The anaemic
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ians, as well as in some other races, it would be inter-
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Treatment was the passage of a seton through the cyst-
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worse and appeared to be sinking. His chest was then
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bladder was much distended ; there was a free urethral
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of New York City, within the past two or three years, is
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position of the urine was prevented by quinine and boric
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from an attack of scarlet fever at the age of six, when
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vitreous, but the remaining portion of the pupillary mem-
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election of all officers, and of a committee of arrangements.
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accomplished, the filaments bending before the needle
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being at limes cold, and hysterical, and especially prone
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