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a low typhoid state may be present. The duration is about one week

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the clavicle and the prominent bony ridges of the acromion, etc.,

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I am fully persuaded, so far as my own experience goes,

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not sufficiently large, present to us the appalling fatality of typhoid

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temperature and reduces the viscosity; now only half as

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grow wild in Delaware, especially around mill-ponds, but are

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Jobert de Lamballe was another interesting character and

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hyperpyrexia ceased to affright the practitioner, and he learned to

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even in the modified and emasculated forms which prevail is far more

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albumin may be added. Eeaction does not seem, in the majority of

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or otherwise a rough, ignorant, uncouth man, a silly woman,

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revives the saddened spirits, it serves as a corrective and anti-

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water reaches the arterial system, and the capillaries become poorer in

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panying s}' mptoms are frontal headache, vertigo, severe pains in the loins

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ered a great hit and worthy of a great humorist. To-day

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A waiting-room and a number of dressing-rooms having been pro-

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as much as possible, and shade off your tobacco if you use it

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This matter of intestinal toxaemia is a most interesting

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It has been shown (" The Skin as a Heat Eegulator, " page 24)

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year. England, including Scotland and Ireland, uses only

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fishermen called it a hog, and accused it of destroying the

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should never be administered without the prescription of a physician,

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them or stop them, and is therefore beneficial. There is one