lay dormant until spring, 1822, when it again showed itself, and spread

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May it ever be, as of right it should be, the true exponent of homoeo-

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a law of nature in this latitude. This same breathing is the most im-

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the reason why the progress of the disease through them was at once so

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disease. If a child happened to get a convulsive fit, it was immediately

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at the Joints , but much larger , and of a teddifh Co-

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of relieving pain in the head. He was likewise very freely purged. About

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first being severe, but with intermissions, during which she felt in

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suffering much annoyance from dyspeptic attacks, and various premoni-

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gance they may contain. When the prescriptions have been revised

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tried, except opium ; which, however, was only useful in so far that it

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edges •, greener, a/fo then the Red , and fomewhat foft ,

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ville Journal of Medicine and Surgery. Pacific Medical and Surgical Journal;

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mities towards the spine ; for although I strongly incline to the opinion

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derangement of the brain, the quantity of bile passed is very remarkable;

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the last speaker, he said that the dose of atropine

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thirsty, and drank a large quantity of buttermilk ; in the course of the

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done in this as in every other class of inflammatory diseases where the

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The Semi-annual Meeting was held in Fraternity Hall, No. 554

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ufed, it is of Excellent Service againft a Cold Gout,

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treatment of certain cases, usually confounded with inflammatory hydro-

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He informed me he had consulted two of the allopathic physicians

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vided with employment. Besides the cost of the buildings, about

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actual extravasation of blood in the side of the brain opposite to the

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to this body. But here they have been alreadj'- admitted, and nobody

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ship, and report to the Institute, for election, at any meeting, such as

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vaginated part (serous membrane.) Noav let us consider what aid we

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were, in action, wliich is subsequently propagated from particle to par-

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a few moist rales at the base of each lung. Blood pi'essure at entry was

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A fine boy, thirteen years of age, was attacked in the county of

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much benefit from venesection. The results, however, of its employment

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It will not be necessary for me to dwell upon the most common