kingdom or at different ages ; in other words, it illustrates

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condition of the patient. — La Riforma Medica, June 23,

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cedure in the first case, and mentions Politzerization last

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was treated ineffectually for a " sore throat " and a

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curring in adults, and even in advanced life, which has not

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disease, pulmonary phthisis, and croupous pneumonia, or

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tient respire. He quoted the remark of an old physician,

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remove and cut them off. In one instance, after removal

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the average Celestial it is a matter of indifference how

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tracted, and the patient died within a month from the time

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participating societies. It will be limited exclusively to

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the papilla. The only cases in which they were found in the

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sented himself at my ofiice perfectly ^well^ in every

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private details of professional consultations, and shock

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lady who last year presented to the institution a cottage

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greatly affected. In both, however, a slight increase

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The drug was used considerably thirty years ago, but

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desirable. It was doubtful if this overcrowding of build-

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are not infrequently found to exist with local inflammation

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tion they do not resemble Hebra's disease excepting in

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means of the blood, so that they should not be previously

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cedure unnecessary. If a very large incision into the

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Congress, all animals affected in any degree with tuber-

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narcotics with little success. Complained of insomnia

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would disappear. The inexperienced surgeon was likely

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are multitudinous. Even in the same brain, great differ-

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quietly to swallow his antipj-rine. At six o'clock dinner

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When this little work is enlarged again, we trust it will

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patients are tuberculous, or become so. Again, Rhiel

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instead of being torn. There was no reaction and no im-