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taking from colleges and other interested corporations, tho. right
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tion, at first local, ma}^ become general, as in certain cases of invagination
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that is, there never has been a chill or a suppression.
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case terminate by sloughing or death, the ascending and transverse por-
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there were no sudamina, no red spots on the abdomen or else-
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and, on the other hand, the term chronic diarrhoja is often applied to cases
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The enlarged Reporter now enables us to offer more pages of reading
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being by no means in accordance with his original taste. But
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rally preceded and accompanied by abdominal pains, probably in part due
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test shows the presence of a small quantity of the chlorides in the form of
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throughout, from the larynx to the ramifications of the bronchia,
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Regular practitioners who are using gas treatment testify that when pure oxygen and pure nitrogen
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bin— in all the cases which I have treated, as well if not
lets, numbering 12 or 15 in each row; the latter are sometimes wanting.*
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part purely reflex ; that is, voluntary efforts to expectorate are not made.
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* For a catalogue of these and of the other works of Dr. Morton, the
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violent, soreness may be felt at the base of the chest on both sides, or at
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System which so often tax the skill of the Physician.
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consists in the change of color produced by iodine. If a little sulphuric
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about to disappear, swelling, pain, and soreness of one or both of the testes
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Also, valuable statistics, etc., by Prof. Jacobi, who has had a large experience.
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The statements in the foregoing paragraph are not in accordance with
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Lane, New York City, or direct from the Laboratory.
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substance, the tuberculous matter, which is at first gray, and afterward
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which are emplo^^ed with the object of relieving pain or suffering. These
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tism and Bright's disease, respectively, and could con-
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monar}' disease, precedes the development of coma, except it be referable
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ent upon the exhaustion produced b}' the abdominal ati'ection. It is some-
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o^oo^^-ooocooocooDo^ oo Aoo'vcooo^o o cri^^^"o"b © oco »^
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Diseases of the Ear— B. Alex. Randall, R. W. Sei-s.
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following instances, however, no such pressure existed, and it will
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partly referable to the presence of the blood within the intestinal canal.
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thirty per cent, of soluble casein, which is double the amount found
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baring house, around which an excited cro^^d had already assem-
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a moderate headache, became more severe on the following day,
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will be to give a synopsis of a few illustrative cases.
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which they have just been enumerated. The first disease to be considered,
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the obstruction to the introduction of fresh alimentary supplies brought
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the College to one particular symptom that he has encountered in
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sence of Dr. Samuel Tucker and the Rev. Mr. GiUet. The ge-
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2. The moral treatment consists first in establishing confidence b}^ atten-
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cuations. The treatment had consisted at first in the use of a
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0000-<<0»^0000000e«00000<00i-i0000000 000
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ceous or Waxy Degeneration — New Formations or Morbid Growths — Pneumatoses
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For a time, if the evacuations be held in check by palliative measures, the