clusion, we do affirm that the discovery of the anesthetic proper-
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concluded that the button was unnecessary, and the writer, in
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sented unusual difficulties in diagnosis, I forbear mentioning, be-
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during life ; for, without this being the case, neither health
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was taken, this time in a frontal plane, which showed
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May it not be owing to the diseased action first occurring in the
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mentions a case treated by him, but in what ratio with his cases is
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richly repay the cost of cultivation, in most instances.
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the liver ; — has led me to regard tubercle as the result of
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was attempting to reduce a luxation of the hip by Reid's method."
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years of age, was taken with labor, March 28th, 1850, attended by
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all the involuntary functions are performed. These two sys-
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afterwards about half a wine glass full of them were expelled,
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ceeds, certain changes take place in the affected parts. Itching,
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pregnant woman. And it is hardly to be presumed, that a phy-
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those offered the public, the writer is led to submit the
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Skey, in his " Operative Surgery," mentions, I think, two
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scrape " — " give nature a start " — " do something for me," &c, has
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woman appeared in excellent health, and profoundly grateful.
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Testing of the gastric contents, however, insured a more defi-
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ing day, (the 14t"h from the ingestion of the stick) the greater part of the
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Other experiments were now made upon yeast (obtained
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gastrectasis, the name conveying the idea that stagnation of the
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Ozama,* as every one knows, is an infirmity consisting in an ex-
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The temperature is no guide, as the effect of the disease on
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thor may be spared to complete his truly meritorious work.
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constant desire to go to the stool. This is considered almost
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days an enema was administered, and the bowels were moved. —
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Bulkley (of New York), of a foreign work on cutaneous diseases,
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destroyed by ulceration of its circumference at the points covered
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friend where death did ensue after an operation, and. during a re-
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. Three pads, and two steel splints or " artificial clavicles"
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man of the committee, is its real success due. The arrangements
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nervous influence, as Dr. Dunglison infers from Cooper's
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for whole days together, has been constantly employed in getting
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The ex-centric causes act on eisodic nerves, thence on the spinal
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arrived at the conclusion that those columns were the conduct-
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ing, taking for that purpose, on any threatening, half a drachm of
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West Twenty-third Street, near Seventh Ave., New York City.
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from the centre to the circumference, and resembles the bite of a
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girl who attended cows, in good health, but pale and thin, was employed