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ciation, American Association for the Study and Prevention of Tuber-
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morning, Dr. John C. Warren, Professor of Surgery in the college,
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This paper is not given for the purpose of bringing to your
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Schirmer (Zweifel's assistant) was the first to inoculate the
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the disease is said to attack children of from eight to ten years and over, are
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July I, 1875. The winters of 1878 and 1879 were spent
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of the jaws, particularly of the lower jaw. This is not rounded, but angular,
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that tend to pass into the condition of death. Dr. Gibbon says:
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A multitude of reasons have been advanced to explain these
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zette's permission, will here give a detailed history of the cases.
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of the reception and the transmission of sensory impressions.
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has, by permission, been taken from Makers of New York,
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Dr. Sayre 's fondness for outdoor life brought him into touch with
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