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patient was a man aged thirty-nine, under the care of Dr.

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occurred. After both these breaks the cords repeated

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and minor muscles are in a state of relaxation, while the

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stance of the lungs, small obstructions without any ap-

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perature, 38.5^ C. (101.3 F.) ; pulse, 94; respiration, 40.

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2d the general condition gradually improved, the patient

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of sufficient capital — say not less than a hundred thou-

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detachment is formed in single rank, with the Senior Hos-

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low the first legal punishment of inebriates, seen in a repe-

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pedic surgeons of to-day. Upon what foundations this

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we have nothing more than a simple serous synovitis in

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Bewley said he once saw a similar form of aortic valve.

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animals, is a slow process. Such specimens, and espe-

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pulv. camphor, pulv. gum. acaciae, afi 4 parts ; ung. sim-

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the slightest risk, are those in which careful exploration,

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others say it is not to be depended upon. I have used

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topsy. Only a very slight decussation was perceptible

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sulph., gr. iij. ; tr. ferri chlor., gtt. iij., every four hours.

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defective alimentation, have been most painfully apparent

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the gall-ducts and liver become involved and a serious bil-

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functions. The short ciliary nerves excite contraction

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nght side involving the entire lung. The respirations

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meeting of this Society endorsing a private scheme in the

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by the stab, and had speedily closed, the operation break-

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look for and begin to treat these cases in order to bring

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pecia, or rheumatism. He was told at a dispensary that

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often the best expectorant mixture is one composed of

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