In the second division of the first part of the treatise before us. Dr. Lippich

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to go out, and stated that although she did not feel quite well, yet that she was

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entrance to the delta of the Danube, that the earliest manifestation

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stances, those who had passed through the two diseases were submitted to the

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1 * Proceectings of the Fhyiiologieal Sodety of Edinbiurg V 1852.

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months by its peculiar virtues." For other similar coinniunications, and its trial in

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enjoyed in 1865 is a very notable epidemiological event. Contrast

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the vesicular murmur was scarcely audible with the stethoscope. It died

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of the papilla, and throwing a veil over it. In one case the

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Earope. During the summer months, two or three cases of

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She replied she knew it, for she had taken it before, and by the taste and

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Post-mortem examination. — Cranium and spinal column. — ^The

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wards contracted smallpox, were admitted into the liospital. They generally

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proves fatal. The complication of dysentery with typhus, which occurs

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out gathering in the harvest. If we cared to be down-

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blood has been drawn before it loses its properties> he states

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physical examination by the family doctor, even though

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sometimes positively vicious. Boldness is the logical

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labour occurred, the foetus having apparently been dead two or three

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other causes, and the kidneys themselves are often of the natural

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adds in the blood and tissues. Orange juice or lemon

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a corporation after thirty, but rarely indeed does he

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" We quote from Mr. Bentley's general edition of Walpole's Letters; a collec-

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lateral arteries, and entering immediately the vein again reproduces tiie disease.

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febrile symptoms prevail and rigors are absent, quinine is not

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occur in this city, are contracted in other localities. The disease was for-

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of nervous function. But further on in organization, sensation

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tion he quotes and figures two instances, which certainly seem

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met with in the lateral lobes, where it lies imbedded, single or

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nuclei are found, which lie imbedded in the substance of the

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of the larynx, from which it was readily removed by an incision.

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was similarly filled. The kidneys presented nothing of its natural struc-

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toid process. Case 4 was from Cruveilhier, and was combined with paralysis.