patient (who had a biliary fistula allowing collection of bile)

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the limb is thus encased in a box or mould, which exacty fits it. It is im-

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using, but improves, grows brighter, ihe more it is employed. Knowledge

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experiments will have to be made along this line before

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such as smallpox, scarlatina, measles, diphtheria, yellow

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toxemias produced by fermentation or decomposition of

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membrane of the anterior chamber, involving finally the iris. 1'his eye recovered

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in the country or the city, in case he feels neither com-

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being one therefore of cholecystitis and cholangitis, at

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fere with the immimity. 7. Immunity is acquired by the time

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toxins much good may be done. He has, therefore, resorted

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the bone was divided by a small saw, half an inch beyond the line marked

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should eat but very little starchy or saccharine matter. The absolute

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expressed himself much relieved. Fourteen ounces of blood were taken

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but not entirely suppressed. Applications of chloride of zinc in solution, in

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pulse attributable to cerebral lesion or disease. In its two varieties, when

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a patient of Dr. J. M. Da Costa, a woman about 40, with no

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not found in normal urine, may be excreted through the kidneys by

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knowledge of the disease, derived from the investigating spirit of physiolo-

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The further examination of these tissues was made after removal

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the body. The erysipelas also showed itself, but for a day only, in the right

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annual commencement April II. The graduating class num-

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Guinea-pig No. 9 received a portion of the spleen of Fong Ah

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