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to obtain a certificate of health from two registered

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Willett ; Mrs. Powell; Dr. Radford ; Dr. Dobell; Mr. Oliver

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audible in the left axilla, but suddenly ceasing below a

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ditions to our knowledge from the arbitrarily restricted

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are indiscriminately made up of all kinds of cases in

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lity, and a thought of a hereafter in this world as

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condition of the soldier since their last report in

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one article of diet, there are very fair reasons to be-

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from three weeks to three months, 40 per cent, of the

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cal Institution, at p. 20-1 of the current volume. Dr.

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viz., the idea that by its use the supply of aliment to

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great confidence in the power of cold water applied to the brain;

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quired by law an apprenticeship of seven years ; but

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lowships conferred dvu-ing the interregnum were pro-

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Ashley, afterwards the first Lord Shaftesbury, came

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But, as I premised, it was not my intention to write a treatise on

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sibility temporai'ily, especially during the perfoiin-

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ately after the operation, the woman rallied ; every-

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l^resented itself; after a short time, however, the aper-

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art, viz., the healthy working or restoration of the

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the case be seen early, it is desirable to commence

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authorities also to examine her, in conjunction with

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tumour. At the end of six hours of continuous pressure

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real or artificial, and has an extra allowance of joss-

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therein. My object at present is not to defend those

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oxygen, it puts the molecules of the gas into active

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tonics, until the 19th, when he directed the doctor's atten-

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tinct, and other symptoms sufficiently relieved for the

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were straight ; and that, in consequence, ciirvature

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saving in health alone, irrespective of aU other con-

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Hipp. Cloquet devides the hejiatic jjlexus into an upper

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The special statistics, or the results, of the cases in

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all these cases the osteomyelitis was due to the shock

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rents of the Pathological and Obstetrical Societies ;

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aneurismal sac; through this aperture the extravasation

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author first adverted to the theory of the pathology

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BO-called " pestilence". Moreover, nothing had been received on

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few old household doctors as servants the familiar,