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cavities and septums to be most rare. Deflection to
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no feeble terms that this action was readily started and
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developed only when decay took place under certain con-
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— and when the word bell is heard it no longer means any-
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' Therapeutische Monatsliefte, p. 48, February, 1887.
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brought about by the introduction of that method of
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diphtheritic membranes were a protecting blanket under
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In consequence of necessity, the patient had not been
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given boiled sole, and within twenty-four hours her tem-
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amination preliminary to promotion to Passed Assistant
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or a septal deformity. These reflex neurotic disturbances
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a man, giving the name of H. Raynor, calls at your office
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functional disturbances of the heart and shortness of
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ity at one sitting, letting each sectional cauterization last
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the courses of instruction of the New York Post-graduate
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pinion, as shown in the engraving, both measurements be-
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organisms can be carried from place to place by flies, all
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The naso-pharyx, he thought, was a part which was much
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Derby, of Boston ; Corresponding Treasurer, Dr. J. S.
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sels begin to spread from the transverse tulcus, over the
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powder is chemically inert, but its mechanical action is
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4. If the heart is w-eak, and especially if any heart de-
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In closing, I would beg leave to call your attention to
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contained some thirty five more higher up, and there were
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cases presenting other characteristic sj-mptoms of the dis-
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the inflamed ureter, tend to keep up the cystitis and to ag-
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Extension of the knee-joint can easily be imagined by
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etiology was meningeal hemorrhage, thrombosis, embolus,
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A Tail in the Human Subject. — Dr. Piatnitsky re-
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of the abdomen, and ordered the electricity to be applied
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Montreal. He subsequently studied in London, Berlin,
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considerable variety of troubles, and a fair number of
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there is no good reason why a properly educated and
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