Many were associated with chronic catarrhal or acute

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acceptable, are always deserving of respectful considera-

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cysticum, angiomata cavernosa in the liver, fibromata in

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which it is reasonable to anticipate an acute illness of

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other physician. His study. Dr. Keyes concluded, of the

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" Prairie Itch " to " Teplitz-Schonau," and fully sustains

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catarrh — or of the aural disturbance, if the case in hand

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search has grown also, and I think that in like manner,

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lent, or broke into tears, or else laughed ; she had no

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It has been my lot to meet with a number of cases of

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are signs of most extensive choroidal atrophy. Myopia

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neoplasms. He says that the various pathological new

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pathologist had found eighteen cases of ruptured tubal

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patient's body with all the details of formation of normal

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The paper was discussed by Drs. 1.. H. Sayre, \'ance,

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ly in delirium tremens. Although large doses are required