very large. The patient was eighteen years of age, and

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a crimson, and turmeric paper a brown color with ammo-

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syphilis. Furthermore, the patient was inclined to exag-

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hospital is used solely as a means of clinical instruction.

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vice is to give first aid to the injured and assist in their

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Washing out the bladder was impossible, on account of

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public would take advantage of the severity of the court

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pressure — i.e., active congestion — appears occasionally to

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seat of the disease. K good-sized porcelain bowl is

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established after the brachial artery was torn across, mor-

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aphasia in which the lesion was limited to these parts

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wish to call special attention is this, that a sudden out-

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bony walls, and synovitis of the articular surfaces of the

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of Thomas, who has never found a case demanding ex-

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always preferable to secondary. When the limb was badly

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creased risk, it is indicated only when the patient's con-

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the sitting every day for three to five minutes. Massage

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named would gradually disappear ; or rather, the naso-

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The case followed the usual course of destructive ul-

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than in any other department of medicine. He could not

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This apparatus is practically a pair of mechanical specta-

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cus, was swollen, the central portion being brown and

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