on the expiration of his present sick leave of absence,
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health. 'The left breast presented two nipples, the
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surface was smooth, and of a color varying from that of
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inner and outer extremities of the wound are to be shaped
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of the criminal by lynch law, or only be satisfied when he
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The Fever at Jacksonville. — On October 29th there
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fragments of portions of the aponeurotic tissue in front of
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cult one, and involves the purely social question : What
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their action in destroying pediculi, the itch insect, and, in
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the destruction of sound tissue as well, and thereby open
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catheterization of women. I have for the last ten or
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for a day or two at a time, when the catharsis is excessive,
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that much advantage would follow in certain cases, in
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ism of the production of these hemorrhages, to the exag-
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the ear ; but reference was made to the three reported
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negro, aged twenty-two years ; unmarried ; occupation,
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between the bladder and the vagina and the formation of
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and its relation to diseased milk. He did not believe
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mysterious conception — intra-uterine existence, and birth,
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to hot water. In eighteen cases the remedy was employed
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In the thickness of both inferior eyelids a kind of bursa
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earliest one to draw attention to it, is, I suppose, the
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power to recall the names of objects seen was much bet-
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the ciliary body, and as the irides are contracted it is to be
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ing a flight of stairs, a hill, or some other elevation. She
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to a diagnosis of enlargement. He asked Dr. Janeway
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in large and lucrative i)ractice, who cannot leave without
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matory action. I have never yet succeeded in curing
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Inoculations with blood drawn from other parts of the
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been troubled with shortness of breath and cyanosis. He
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scientific gynecology is worthily represented by this trea-
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