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Iodoform in H.^moptysis. — Drs. Chauvin and Joris-

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tice, of New York. Diagrams were exhibited showing by

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2. During pregnancy temporary strain may be exerted

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recorded by such competent observers as Strube, Lieber-

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pelvis in the supported knee-elbow position disclosed the

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been a source of trouble to him in making diagnosis, al-

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as it is not certain that this was not a case of volvulus or

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Broad, rather thick, irregularly shaped membrane in the

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fact of special interest to note is that this fluid was

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I think it probable that the condition may occasionally

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The Teutonic press, even in our own country, has natu-

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velop the muscles, the deformity would remain and often

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state, of nausea and frequent vomiting. These symptoms

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Vice-President, Dr. John P. Bryson, of St. Louis, Mo.;

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from the discussion which his paper had called out, and

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not permit the foot to touch the ground, using crutches

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spread the disease. Professor Waldeyer, of Berlin, read

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ilies of cousins together. In these cases the fertility is

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Dr. Smith then spoke of the treatment employed, and

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internal capsule, peduncle, or pons Varolii of the right

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those at Massena, N. Y., which are to be recommended

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monial ointment and croton-oil liniment into shaved

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and tuberculosis. Tuberculosis was absolutely unknown

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The Association was called to order at 10 a.m. by the