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Medical Charities of the British Medical Association, and
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applied to the >'ational Health Society, and has received a letter from
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3 p.m.— Convocation at Durham for conferring Honorary
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it becomes so swollen that the marks of the ribs appear upon it and the
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monest form is polycystic condition of the kidney, usually bilateral,
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present guardians have refused to do their duty. But the
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times a day, or of 10 to 15 gr. of phcnacetin. There can be no doubt
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the arterial system was empty. No blood clots were found
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vein with tincture of iodin. It is far otherwise, however, if the
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done good. This is best done by heating the tip of an ordinary glass
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vessels, with sweating and great faintness. This is well illustrated in
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This parasitic worm enters the system by drinking water which
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terposition of tliis glycogen reservoir also acts in such a way that the
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comments had been made by the Council on the character of
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after the second week, and if well applied to the back twice a day is
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were all removed by the ninth day and the tube also ; the
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dreadful nature turn up in successive cycles, and these are di>hed in
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flexor of the wrist. The sensory fibers supply the radial side of the
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other isolation hospital, the room or ward which they have
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these, it is encouraging to know that many of them can be cured alto-
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satisfied on the point. The adi'enals may thus be most diflicult of
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and John Inny's, West End of St. Paul's, Loudon, mdccxxtii.
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organism against the disease, and to be, therefore, a limiting
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tion or subsequent disnlacement of the fragments ; or it may
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varies directly with the severity of the afiection ; and as the
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unilateral, beginning with sore throat and chilliness with general red-
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symptoms, though convulsions are much less conmion than in the
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other way. It was freed from its bed, hooked up, and slightly stretched ;
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have grave doubts if this is a correct substitute for the word
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It is equally certain that should local authorities employ ladies to carry
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bacilli contain the largest proportion of fat known among bacteria,
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One of the severest cases in my experience was in a young man who
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by its rapid spread among yoimg recruits in barracks, in schools, and
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quently in men than in women, and a common first symptom is rapid
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tion with the neighboring ganglia. The bulk of the organ is cortical,
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they leave open a loophole by which ingenious students may
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small quantity of alcohol is added, but the presence of a
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It is fairly safe to prophesy that photography will in the
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to separate symptoms due to gummata and to localized syphilitic menin-
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Medical Officer tor the Whitmore District of the Newcastle-under-
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Malignant endocarditis may occur at any time in the course of
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the most perfect food in the world, as it is the only substance out of
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breaks by pouring a bucket of cold water over a girl in the presence of
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of speech. Smell and taste are usually imperfect. Cretins often ap-
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