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right of each eye separately. There was no diplopia.

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October 26, 1885. Patient has been myopic since child-

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Same conditions in cornea and lens as in the other eye.

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sation for his lecture, and requested the New York Patho-

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urine or grit, colonic pressure, etc. If, however, the renal

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sidered so much as what they are as what they appear to be.

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fellow, any of these might lead to discomfort and so dis-

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control the flow of blood from the open blood-vessels into

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' <|uicker than true reflexes. It may be that it is not a

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words. Although he was able to write his name correctly,

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patrons who can pay but do not, has recently organized

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able group of intemperate persons, will differ from that

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Consider, in connection with this, the fact of the slow

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this would immediately return if the patient became

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excellent, and there was no indication of heart-failure, of

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Webber defines hysteria to be " a diseased state of the

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the West Virginia springs correspond pretty closely to the

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in an incoherent manner, and it was impossible to under-

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designed to allow some movement at the joint during the treatment

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the size of a pea, about four njonths before his arm was

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incision. The second class is that in which the symp-

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fit ; the band is now removed and presents the appearance

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ever, is now slightly in excess, owing to the excess of

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the operation of supra-cystotomy occ sionally. He had

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settled nervous temperament, sought advice for a moist

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author in his warning against pilocarpine when eclampsia

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The deep part of the external auditory canal in the