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fatalities are due to complications, especially pnewiumia, and, less fre-


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contagious) endemic and epidemic disease. It is characterized by a sharp

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and among the numerous widespread complications iritis deserves special

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As to infant foods of various kinds, some are good, after

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the intemperate are most apt to be attacked, but this belief is not cor-

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stove in his own room, and in the North College, just com-

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backs in applying these procedures to man, but Knoepfelmacher has

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cose, flour, and clay can make a sugar to be sold as cane-

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acute intercurrent diseases, and why many individuals feel much better

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Dyspepsia," read before the South Carolina Medical Association April

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These uric acid cases are such peculiar cases ; a man is too

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little ones. Of course, I had no success. The children were

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H. T. Xe. 217. — Each tablet contains .'5^.") grain of A]iothesiue

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phoid and other low fevers of a continued type only when the cold

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large amount of dust in the atmosphere may disseminate the typhoid

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capacity of about three hundred beds. This building is now

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Rules I, 2, and 5 may for the beginner be regarded as abso-

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abandon it before the proper procedure has been sufficiently tried, a

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remembered. At this period obvious constitutional disturbances are

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tion, when the pleura receives its coat of fibrin and while the lung is

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lies ill its etKeienoy. It is most likely now a truism to say that

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who has been a free meat-eater can come down to almost a

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was followed by George Strawbridge, a most accomplished

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suspicious of outsiders, and particularly of doctors and medi-

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with the pneumonia that appears during convalescence, though, accord-

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as well as from a therapeutic standpoint, are wanting. The stimulat-

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by the great drug-houses fill a want among these people and

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Probably a little stronger than apples. The best grapes

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very careful and not mistake appendicitis, tuberculous dis-

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the diabetic to use more or less freely, and yet not affect his

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strictly proportional to the severity of the clinical symptoms.

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scanty albuminous urine. The stools, however, are not, as a rule, typical