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Etiology. — The cases reported have been chiefly in males. Some
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was immediately impressed by the remarkable size of the hands as com-
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enlarged and tortuous. The covering of the mucous membrane is markedly
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sliij) III tlie slavinu' power of the animal tor |>roloni;ci! iiiiisi'uiar etVoii
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The result is that the aflFected side of me face becomes much smaller than
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iiiniian urine is uric acid. Xanthine is the next in iiiiportanci'. and small
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certain chemical suhstaiu-es havi- on the seci'etion of lymph from the
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noted during the period of paralysis do not support this view. This would
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the limb of blood as much as possible by elevation and stroking toward the
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Deafness. — Complete deafness is usually covered by an addition of not
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a lack of appreciation of this fact, especially in cases of tuberculous infection.
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especially reduced, while if there is a secondary infection, leukocytosis is the
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role of the sodiiiiii ion in the oriyinatioii and iiiaiiiteiiance of llie aiitn
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Accurate knowledge of the inflammations of the thyroid is comparatively
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arthritic manifestation, it is very difficult to explain then: significance.
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iilher c'luscs than acid j idiiction may interfere with the conversion of am-
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impulse or concept that develops on a false idea of inability to walk or stand,
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' Bulletin of the Committee for the Study of Special Diseases, Cambridge. This is the
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oedema, nausea, vomiting, oliguria, etc.; oedema may also be present in the
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lis.. dJL'.'Ntcd l.y trvpsiii and .repsni. Tl e\ l,a\e thcsa ..ptieal aclivitie-
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terized by such symptoms as apathy, slight thickening of the subcutaneous
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strate either tuberculosis or tubercle bacilli. Of the 15 cases which he
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i's|iiini|in!r spinal runts ami |)ass liy the white rami cninmnnieaiites intn
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conditions have, from time to time, been described that were supposed
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of a primary phosphate stone; while urotropin or the introduction of colon
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