He again remarks: "When the body is immersed in water, of a
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is not an invariable forerunner of malignant or non-malignant
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J. A.. lVtc. i\rc, with additions by an American physician — with numerous
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Antimonial. It is more liable to leave a red tongue and aug-
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cut down upon the stricture, by external incision, divided it.
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tion is especially subject, originate in some general abnormity, seems
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glass bell attached to the tube of the douche. It was also caused
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through. Only one vessel required ligature. The wound
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tion of the malleo-incudal joint. The external meatus
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continues normal, for a long time, or each successive recur-
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288 New Treatment for Prolapsus of the Rectum. [May,
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rupture of the ligament of the patella, f and our observations on
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and very greatly enlarged. Philadelphia: Blanchard & Lea, 1857.
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The points of a little wire cage, such as I now show you, made
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I saw Mrs. L. thirty-six hours subsequent to the expulsion,
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really, for nights successively, scarcely at all. The tumor feels in size
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most past decidedly encouraging. I, therefore, feel desirous of
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3d day.— Had a good night's rest Tongue looks better ; pulse
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lessness of men. whotake upon themselves, the responsibilities
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Treatment best adapted to each variety of Cataract, etc, — Dr. Mark
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cated by a fixed pain, soreness, or sense of uneasiness in the Larynx, trachea,
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1810, on the subject of Phosphorescence, Heat, Light, etc., in
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casionally occurs in practice, the result is remarkable, as the proportion of
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ble physiological cause, whose operation would be more likely
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to the rectum they come in close contact with their fellows
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ing end — and lastly the operation of letting him alone ; — and
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stance, accumulated at times around solid pieces of Arsenious
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Rand, A. M., M. D., Professor of Chemistry in the Philadelphia College
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sesses two nervous systems, a cerebro-spinal, which presides over
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able portion of his work to an argument to prove the literal
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sixth of an inch in diamater, leaving intact the boundaries of the inflam-
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gaged in the superior strait, the labor progressed and terminated
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The article, as a whole, is a complete historic compend of this
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B, fig. 12, shows the under part of the head which displays
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elastic, and would convey the idea of a cartilaginous body set in
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If the proposed plan should prove, on further trial, to be as success-
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minute quantity of farinaceous material that it contains.^'
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earthy salts, and from bad smelling volatile fatty acids, which
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in a paper in the Preuss Verein Zeitung, by Dr. Deiters, as a very valuable
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to suit the wants of the animal. The nervous system meets
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I am brought to this conclusion, viz : that small-pox, in all its
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to meet a special want, sometimes existing in their full integ-
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i on — can hardly be persuaded that his "heart-burn" is disease,