as those of the spinal cord are unknown. The myelitis is probably pro-

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myself seen it associated with tubercle, except when there was a history

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in the lymph channels, and so tend to promote the removal of uratic

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marked improvement. Warm clothing is important, in order to increase

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long-drawn crowing breath. These attacks are commonest in those

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treatment of the primary condition. In the group of cases where the

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period of incubation preceded the illness, varying from twelve to forty-

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The condition of ttat mamdloiU is one of fibrosis of the pyloric region,

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portion of the gut, from hernia, constriction, volvulus, and other causes ;

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■"..My I Tluise lui'u frightened jue, -Mrs. Carson," she panted,

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general thickening of the soft tissues than to enlargement of the ends of

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stomach by an organic stricture. In the latter case, on removal, the sound

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plegia. A prolonged period of rest in bed is essential. Subsequent support by

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and in such eases they may be fibrous and obsolescent, showing that they