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Alfred H. Stanton, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Dermatology.
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disease. It is noteworthy that if pregnancy be complicated by profound
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[]) Ice Cream. Ice cream Is a ^^hipped and frozen food made from a mixture of
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perceptibly disturbed. [This is usually the case. — K.] Slight paresthe-
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Acid bacteria, Strep, Uctis or cre«m>rls, increase tlie acidity of the butter-
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evident tendency to relapse. The severe forms, which continue for years
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The disease has taken its name from a peculiar thickening and swelling of the
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depression often results. This is filled up in part with serous fluid and in
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.vole tin, for acct'i/un^rSe '/.llr^^tlZ:' around blowers. 3e sure to
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of diagnosis and treatment of syphilis. Prerequisite: course 1. Limited to 2. Each
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Time HMUj^The following is taken from the Westminster syllalius t
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two months of his hospital praotioe, except by special permission of the dental
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each attempt to write. Writing is, under such circumstances, wholly impos-
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Science," Playfair's or Leishman's "Midwifery," "Erichsen's or
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marked ataxia attending it, but later investigations . have shown that this
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maxillary neuralgia) is most frequent in the distribution of the infraorbital
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the skin may be jslainly distinguished from each other is 11 to 15 mm. on
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oscillatory tremor of the muscles of the mouth and chin in one case of
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pyramidal tract. The fact is that often, even in complete motor paraplegia,
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19. Clinical Course at the Cook County Hospital.— Fractures. Class limited to 10.
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The constant current to the phrenic nerve or faradization of the region of the
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th« dfsaas* irfti fH«9rtss thrao^ tm 9f t»m» pestlMf p^s«. . ,
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must pass a* public examination in the Hall, before the Medical
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courses of lectures to have been attended on Anatomy, Physiology,
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mentioned influence of age and sex, the decidedly common occurrence of the
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In this respect the examination of the cerebro-spinal fluid obtained by
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in f aofc purt ol, the Mediml Sdiool, it pxMents to tlM itadmit many adTMttages
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fundus, the latter for the third phalanx [phalangette], N. medianus; 7 and
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the sphincters. Progressive muscular atrophy is doubtless nearly allied
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compression symptoms. Since attention has been directed to the not infre-
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he fails to recognize them altogether. Although he is in his own room at
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and also sensations of simple contact. In regard to the latter, the statements
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appears to be associated with specific disturbances of metabolism (increased
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